New Single with Katie Ferrara

Excited to be sharing a new single for the New Year!  I wrote this song with friend and artist Katie Ferrara on a songwriter retreat exactly one year ago.  We were feeling grateful to have another year, another chance, another day and wrote about it.  "Lucy for Another Day" is our New Years Song.  Our friend Mark Nguyen of Planet LA Records organized the trip and inspired us to write together.  The song inspires us and we hope it inspires you too.  We recorded it with producer Ted Wulfers (he makes a few appearances in the music video). The video has footage from the studio sessions and also from the artist retreat where we wrote the song in San Diego.  The song is now available on Spotify and iTunes.  You can watch the video on YouTube.  Enjoy and may this year bring you lots of love, peace, and joy.  Ain't we lucky for another day?

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