New England and New York shows!

Just got back to Los Angeles after an amazing two and half weeks in the Northeast!  The trip started in Rhode Island where I sang at one of my best friend's weddings.  After that I drove up to Portland, Maine and played a show for a room full of warm welcoming people.  It was my first time playing in Portland, Maine and I will definitely be back for another show next summer.  After Portland, I headed down to Peterborough, NH for a show at Harlow's Pub.  This town is one of the most quaint and beautiful little places I have seen!  After that, I was back in Rhode Island for a show in Newport.  This was one of the highlights of my trip.  The town is so fresh and soothing in the summertime.  The bar I played at was kind and generous and a true supporter of independent artists.  They even found me a spot to stay overnight for free.  I had a lot of fun playing and hanging out in Newport for two days.  The beach is one of the best I have ever been to.  Then I headed down to New York, the place I grew up in.  I stayed with my mom for a few days in the suburbs and caught up with my niece and nephew who live there and my sister and brother in law.  Finished off the trip with a show in the East Village in NYC.  This was the climax of the entire trip, playing to a room full of friends and family, people I knew way back in elementary school through my young adult life.  I also met some great new friends who came out to the show.  Leaving New York this time, I knew a piece of my heart would remain there, waiting for me to come back next year.  Special thanks to Andy's Old Port Pub (Portland), Harlow's Pub (Peterborough), Pour Judgement (Newport), Sidewalk NYC (New York), all my amazing friends and family and all the new folks who came out to the shows.  Below are some pictures and a video of the show in New York City.  XX, JE

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