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Gigmasters’ BEST OF 2017 Award 

2017 was a great year for gigging.  I played everything from store openings and restaurants to tailgate parties and house concerts. Gigmasters was one of the ways I booked my gigs and I was happy to learn that I made it on their list of "Best of 2017."  This award is given to the artists who received the most excellent ratings/reviews from clients.  My goal is always to give my clients the greatest experience and add the most value to their events so that is why this particular award makes me happy.  I look forward to more gigs in 2018 and to meeting more wonderful people.  Thank you Gigmasters for the award!  

New Weekly Night at Bar Mattachine! 

I've started hosting a weekly musician's open mic in Downtown Los Angeles.  It's been so great partnering up with Bar Mattachine and building this night of great live music and community!  Join me every Monday night.  Artists sign up at 8pm.  I kick off the show with a few songs at 9pm. 

One of my song is in a movie starring SHARON STONE! 

So thrilled to announce that the song "It's Only Love" from my album Human is in a new film starring the one and only Sharon Stone!  I had the great honor of meeting this amazing artist at the premiere of the film and chatted with her after.  I was blown away when she told me she loved the song.  It was a beautiful moment for this singer songwriter.  The film is called "A Little Something for Your Birthday" and is so masterfully written and directed by Susan Walter.  Proud to have a song in this moving film.




KPFK 90.7FM Interview & Performance on IMRU Radio Magazine with Steve Pride & Abby Dees 

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting one of my favorite radio stations this week to play a couple of songs and do a mini interview!  KPFK has some amazing programming and 100% listener supported/funded.  It's one of the few places I know I can tune into to hear unbiased programming and news.  I was invited to come on the show IMRU Radio Magazine after the host caught my performance last month at the Dorian Awards in Hollywood. I had a great time chatting with hosts of the show and community leaders Abby Dees and Steve Pride.  I played my new single "Watch it Fall" and "Something Real" from my first albu/m HUMAN.  Here is my 14 minute segment!  



New Single "Watch it Fall" - 2/17/17 

The title track "Watch if Fall" from my forthcoming EP will be available on Spotify and iTunes on February 17th!  Look forward to sharing it with you. 

“Watch It Fall” shines light on the feelings that occur while chasing your dreams, as time becomes your enemy. “I first said six months, but it’s been six years and I am still here,” Eid sings. “I wrote this song at a low point when I was questioning the choices and sacrifices I was making to continue the vigorous quest of chasing my dreams and living as an artist,” Eid comments. “The building is a metaphor for his life. I thought that the idea of using vivid characters and their stories in this setting would be an entertaining and effective way to communicate the emotions of sadness, disappointment, despair.”  Even with its defeated lyrics, the track still has an upbeat melody that encourages the mind to keep going. 

New Single with Katie Ferrara 

Excited to be sharing a new single for the New Year!  I wrote this song with friend and artist Katie Ferrara on a songwriter retreat exactly one year ago.  We were feeling grateful to have another year, another chance, another day and wrote about it.  "Lucy for Another Day" is our New Years Song.  Our friend Mark Nguyen of Planet LA Records organized the trip and inspired us to write together.  The song inspires us and we hope it inspires you too.  We recorded it with producer Ted Wulfers (he makes a few appearances in the music video). The video has footage from the studio sessions and also from the artist retreat where we wrote the song in San Diego.  The song is now available on Spotify and iTunes.  You can watch the video on YouTube.  Enjoy and may this year bring you lots of love, peace, and joy.  Ain't we lucky for another day?

FAR-West and Northwest shows 

I had the fortune of attending a great folk music conference in October up in Bellevue, Washington.  FAR-West, was a wonderful weekend where I met some great musicians and industry folk.  I attended some informative and helpful workshops during the day played 8 private showcases in the evenings.  I drove up to Washington from Los Angeles and stopped off to play 3 shows on the way up in San Francisco, Medford OR, and Portland OR.  I was fortunate to see friends in every one of the cities and meet new folks.  


New Single ONE AND ONLY - 9/30/16!! 

I've been recording a new EP this year which will include 6 new songs.  The EP is almost finished and I am planning on releasing in early 2017.  The first single is set for release on September 30th and I am so excited to share it!  The track is called "One and Only."  It's a song about love and and devotion in a big city where instant gratification is king.  I wrote the song last year and I love the way it turned out.  I recorded it with a full band of amazing musicians and co-produced it with Brian Soucy (who co-produced my album HUMAN).  Look out for it on September 30th when it becomes available for download everywhere and for streaming on apple music and spotify!  The music video for the song is also finished and will premiere shortly after the single comes out.  Hope you are having a great September.  I celebrated my Birthday early in the week!  So grateful for all the love and inspiration in my life.  Lotta talented good people around me helping me bring these songs to their fullest potential.  Thank you for supporting independent music.  XX

New England and New York shows! 

Just got back to Los Angeles after an amazing two and half weeks in the Northeast!  The trip started in Rhode Island where I sang at one of my best friend's weddings.  After that I drove up to Portland, Maine and played a show for a room full of warm welcoming people.  It was my first time playing in Portland, Maine and I will definitely be back for another show next summer.  After Portland, I headed down to Peterborough, NH for a show at Harlow's Pub.  This town is one of the most quaint and beautiful little places I have seen!  After that, I was back in Rhode Island for a show in Newport.  This was one of the highlights of my trip.  The town is so fresh and soothing in the summertime.  The bar I played at was kind and generous and a true supporter of independent artists.  They even found me a spot to stay overnight for free.  I had a lot of fun playing and hanging out in Newport for two days.  The beach is one of the best I have ever been to.  Then I headed down to New York, the place I grew up in.  I stayed with my mom for a few days in the suburbs and caught up with my niece and nephew who live there and my sister and brother in law.  Finished off the trip with a show in the East Village in NYC.  This was the climax of the entire trip, playing to a room full of friends and family, people I knew way back in elementary school through my young adult life.  I also met some great new friends who came out to the show.  Leaving New York this time, I knew a piece of my heart would remain there, waiting for me to come back next year.  Special thanks to Andy's Old Port Pub (Portland), Harlow's Pub (Peterborough), Pour Judgement (Newport), Sidewalk NYC (New York), all my amazing friends and family and all the new folks who came out to the shows.  Below are some pictures and a video of the show in New York City.  XX, JE

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Join me every Monday night at Bar Mattachine in Downtown Los Angeles!  I Host and perform at this new weekly musician's open mic.  Artists sign up at 8pm.  I kick the show off at 9pm.

Join me every Monday night at Bar Mattachine in Downtown Los Angeles! I Host and perform at this new weekly musician's open mic. Artists sign up at 8pm. I kick the show off at 9pm.